Instructions for Circulation of Designating Petitions

  • Carry some brochures with you with talking points in case voters ask questions or need additional information.
  • Prior to passing the petition, print your name in the first line of the Statement of Witness.  Use the same name as it is written on your voter registration.   Ask to have it looked up if you are not sure how you are registered.
  • Put the date in the first (or next) line of the actual petition so the signer will not have to.
  • Use a black or a blue ink pen only on petitions.  Retractable ball point pens are best.   Felt tips smudge and run when wet.
  • Put mylar or other plastic over the petitions to protect them from the elements if it is raining.
  • Only voters register in the Party in the Election District on your walk sheets should sign the petitions.   Circulate the petition to people on your voter list.  If the person you speak to is not listed on the voter list, they may not be eligible to sign.  Their signature will probably be disregarded. 
  • If a person at the address you are at is not a registered voter you can give them a registration form to complete and send in.  People move and we need to register the new occupants. 
  • You may not sign your own petition, but you can sign someone else’s petition.    If you are going out in pairs, each of you can sign the others petition but do not sign more than one petition as a voter.   Do not sign or witness a petition for any other candidate for the same office.
  • Signing a petition is not an indication that the voter intends to support the candidate listed at the next election, but their signature only gives the candidate the right to run in the Primary election in June.    Since we have a secret ballot, no one can know how they actually vote.
  • Signers can only sign one petition for the same office.   If more petitions are signed, only the earliest signature will be counted.
  • You must actually see and witness the person signing the petition.  Do not allow the petition to be taken away from you unless you go with it for the signature. A husband may not sign for his wife or children, and vice versa.
  • The voter need only sign the petition; you can fill in the date and address.   The date should be MM/DD and you can fill it in before handing it to the voter. 
  • If a voter is belligerent, say thank you and walk away.  Do not get into an argument, it is just a waste of time.
  • If someone signs who is not eligible, wait until you are away from the signer and draw a line completely through the whole width of the petition line.   Then initial both ends of the line.   The signature should not be counted in the page total.
  • When you are done collecting signatures write the number of signatures on the blank in the witness statement and sign and date the witness statement.
  • If more than one page bind them by stapling them and then number the sheets.
  • When complete contact your petitioning coordinator for further instructions.

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